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Experience Bangkok’s largest co-working space

We understand that a conducive office is a productive one, come and experience JustCo workspace for yourself! You will get to:

Choose one of our locations for your experience

Access to common spaces and shared facilities 24/7

Select your ideal office in an environment that suits you best to enhance productivity

Exchange conversations and connect with like-minded professionals

Participate in JustCo's exclusive events, meet and network with the members

A Serviced Office and More

JustCo Capital Tower, All Seasons - Service Office at Thailand

JustCo’s serviced office solutions are designed for you to simply show up, set up and start work! Our workspaces are flexible and cost-effective, provide an extensive range of amenities to support your business needs from reception service, security, meeting rooms, cleaning services, stocking up of the pantry, and even an in-house barista. The best part is our Community team who are at each of our locations to help to take your office environment to the next level with a range of services.

Reception Services

JustCo Service Office - Reception Services

Our community team members are here to make a great first impression for you and your clients. JustCo front desk services include mail handling, setting up meeting equipment, recommendation of restaurants and hotels, and more. No request is too simple or too complicated for our community team. They are your go-to people in the office!


We understand how bothersome dusty air and dirty dishes in offices can get, so we hire only the best and reliable cleaning services to keep your workspace fresh, clean and neat, while you focus on creating your best work.

Pantry &
In-house Barista

We work with experienced café partners to provide good coffee at our locations. Need your morning caffeine fix, or a pastry snack at teatime? No problem. Our friendly in-house baristas are always ready to serve. When you have your clients over, you can always count on them for the perfect cup of coffee!

The common pantry is also stocked with a constant supply of complimentary coffee and tea.

What Makes JustCo Service Office Solutions Unique

JustCo Capital Tower, All Seasons - Service Office at Thailand

The greatest value that we bring to our clients is the large community housed in JustCo. More than just a serviced office, we provide a platform where members can network, attend professional or social events, find new business opportunities and even seek talents within the JustCo community. JustCo members get access to special privileges and discounts from a list of partners too!

Our open-concept, creative and vibrant serviced office space solution lets you get inspired and also creates an environment for you to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

Be a part of the JustCo community and find fully serviced office spaces that will help to drive success to your business.

Hear from our Members

"JustCo have been awesome in all of my dealings with them. From my initial enquiry on office space, to making us feel so welcome on an ongoing basis, they offer the perfect solution to any growing business looking for a cost-effective, cool office solution. I recommend them to all our clients!"


Suzy Goulding
Umami Collective Pte Ltd

"JustCo pay-as-go model provides Deskera with a flexible, low risk and affordable office space that allow us to continue expansion and fast growth. The unique office design offers an attractive work environment which helps Deskera attract and retain talent. Combine this with a world class and friendly JustCo team and you have a workplace where great ideas happen."



Henrik Petersen
or call us at
+66 (0) 2 055 8606

Get in Touch With Us

Get in touch with us and we will contact you to arrange for a viewing at our space.

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